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The LDM project started as a way 

to create easy math lessons that

deliver the point FAST.

Students of ALL ages realise

they CAN do this!

It's a YouTube channel.

Anyone can watch, anywhere!  



& more...


Let's Do Math has

120 videos now, and counting.

I made this website so we can

easily find the resource we want.

FAST! It's MUCH quicker than

the YouTube interface.

Click on Resources and scroll down

to see what's there to help.

I'm making worksheets

to go with each video.


Every worksheet is introduced

by the trusty yellow pencil.

This little guy will help you.


Right now, you'll find

worksheets (and answers/hints) 

 for Fractions Essential Skills.


This resource will grow each week,

so visit often to see what's new.


Please bookmark and share...

That's me!


to help!

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