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About Me


Ginny Steele

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I'm an elementary teacher. I have a husband, 2 kids, a cat and 2 MINIS! One is a car (duh!) and the other is a bike!! It's a folding bike branded as MINI. So this means I can put a MINI inside my MINI! But y'know, it has to go in a bag first, because I don't want to get my beautiful MINI mucky.

I'm into stuff with cool design and clever features. I've been a Mac user for ages. After trying one out, nothing else would do. Intelligent design is why I fell for PowToon, which I use to make videos for my Let's Do Math YouTube channel. You know how I love my channel! I'm always working on it, replying to comments, trying to help people get over their math roadblocks... And this website is an extension of that, making it easier to find what you want quickly, and I'm making companion resource materials that make the video lessons stick with you.


I'm a fountain pen user and I like different coloured inks. Currently I'm writing with Lamy, Moonman and TWSBI pens. I particularly like demonstrator pens because you can see the ink slosh around inside. I like to add water to ink so it's really beautiful in the barrel of the pen, and has a wonderful washed appearance on the page. If only my handwriting was neater... I don't like cartridges because you can't play with the ink and they always run out at inopportune moments.

I love to read, and I can easily spend hours in a good book. I also love to wade through math textbooks, but can not get my head around how dry and unappealing publishers manage to make them look. I like bright and attractive colours. As you'll have noticed here on the website AND in my videos.

I also love to write. I script my videos as tightly as I can and edit myself mercilessly. Mostly that happens when I'm putting the visuals together for a video. I enjoy writing rhyming couplets and have written several fractured fairytales this way. Students in Ottawa may have heard me read them out on occasion.

I'm a stickler for detail and accuracy, but I have been known to step away from British spelling on occasion and try out North American spellings. I can't go for 'color' at all, but I won't fault someone else for it.

I like gardening - flowers, flowers and more flowers. My magic combo is either red, yellow and blue (which is HARD to get!), or pink, yellow/orange and mauve (easier). I plant large areas of Monarda because it brings in the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, which visits for summer, here in Ontario. They are fantastic, tiny birds (7.5 to 9cm) that fly thousands of miles to overwinter in Florida through Mexico and Central America, even as far south as Panama. Adults weigh around 3g, and a nest would fit on the palm of your hand, with room to spare!

I also like to work with textiles. Hand and machine embroidery. I am an off-and-on knitter. I have spun, dyed and knitted my own yarns, though I think I might like to try felting as a more speedy way to create wool fabric. Lighter weight too. I once knitted a Patricia Roberts pattern that had so many colour changes per row it took me 9 months to make it. When I was done and put it on, I had to admit that although the knitting was beautiful, it didn't suit me at all! I saved it for my daughter, who wore it twice! I can also sew and have designed and completed costumes for several musicals in the area. This takes up far too much time and creative energy though, so I'm done with that now.

That's me. Hope you like my site. I really hope it helps you on your quest to ace that math. You can do it, and I can help you. 

Big hugs,

Stay safe,

Ms Steele



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