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Since 2018

I've been a partner of 

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Learning for Humanity is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organisation helping schools and students in developing areas. Currently they are in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


L4H installs low-cost, robust computing systems (Raspberry Pi) and a wifi setup for each school, and they plan to move towards the inclusion of a solar power system for each school to counteract power disruptions that are commonplace in these countries.


Instead of using expensive textbooks, teachers download digital resources. I'm proud to say that Learning For Humanity wanted the Let's Do Math videos as part of their eLearning solution.

The students follow the IGCSE curriculum developed by Cambridge University. It is comprehensive, demanding and rigorous. These students are getting solid education.

You can find out more about Learning for Humanity at

Their online learning platform is called Tusitawi. It means 'let us flourish' in Swahili. Read more about this at

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